One Vision, two products

Keyline, as a cloud-based software solution, has paved the way for real digitalization in printshops. But we're not done yet: Our collaboration with Zaikio will push Keyline even further regarding connectivity and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keyline Classic?

Keyline Classic is what we now call our standalone and monolithic cloud-based MIS product to distinguish it from the future Zaikio-based version.

Will Keyline Classic be discontinued?

We will not discontinue Keyline Classic. We keep the system running as long as our customers want to use it. We will also add new features to the system, such as integrating the Zaikio Procurement platform, as well as other improvements.

Will you add new major features to Keyline Classic?

That depends whether these features can easily be integrated into Keyline Classic or not. We've come a long way during the last four years and have a lot of knowledge about print processes we didn't have when we started. Thus some features are simply not easily integratable into Keyline, such as gang jobs. However we will keep adding new features to Keyline as well, but not with the same cadence as before.

What is Keyline for Zaikio?

We are currently in the process of splitting up the monolithic Keyline Classic into smaller apps that cover specific areas of functionality. These apps will be published on the Zaikio App Store. In the long run, Keyline for Zaiko will have all features of Keyline Classic, and more!

Will Keyline for Zaikio be more expensive than Keyline?

The independent Keyline apps for the Zaikio platform will have individual pricing and thus allow a finer control of which features and plans you need than the current Keyline Classic price model. Thus we cannot make a general statement, but we assume that the price remains more or less equivalent to what you pay today.

What is the time frame for all of this and should I wait for Keyline on Zaikio?

There's not reason to wait! The entire transition will take more than a year. All apps are in the development, some are in an early stage, some are in beta. So for the foreseeable future, Keyline Classic is the best way to enter the world of cloud-based, connected MIS. You can always switch to Keyline for Zaikio, when the time is right! However, feel free to create your free Zaikio Account today to keep informed about our progress.

Will Keyline for Zaikio support all the stuff that I miss in Keyline?

No. Our approach to features has not changed. We will always try to find the best process that fits the needs of the majority of our customers. It was never our goal to build feature-laden systems, and that isn't our goal now. Of course we will incorporate many of the lessons we learned with Keyline Classic and will improve across the board. Given the modular architecture we will also be able to provide apps that are more tailored to the specific needs of the diverse groups of printers, such as book printers, commercial printers etc and our solutions will be more modelled around these requirement blocks. However, our aim is still to provide a new and improved process and not implement every feature request we come across, because we fundamentally believe that such a strategy will be unsuccessful and lead to bad software in the long term. We will instead try to provide printer-kind specific solutions more and more, where it makes sense, and generalised solutions in areas where all print shops work more or less the same.